Our team consists of some of the very best educators, professionals, directors, choreographers, designers, stage managers and theatre technicians from around the world.


Programme Leaders

Benedict Ayrton

Programme Leader - Acting

Paul Spicer

Programme Leader - Musical Theatre

Alex Jessop

Progrmme Leader - Dance

Heather Davies BFA MFA

Programme Leader - Postgraduate Studies

Simon Marsden

Programme Leader - Production Arts

Associate Programme Leaders

Matt Ball FRSA

Associate Programme Leader - Fundamentals

Candeta Bishop FHEA

Associate Programme Leader – Production Arts

Lead Tutors

Zenon Kruszelnicki

Lead Tutor - Acting

Kit Lessner

Lead Tutor - Voice

Lisa Rowley

Lead Tutor - Dance

Nick Wheeler

Lead Tutor - Technical Theatre Lighting

Kathleen Bell

Lead Tutor of Research and Singing

Ramanjaneyulu Doosari

Lead Tutor - Acting and Movement

Alan Mandel

Lead Tutor - Recorded and Digital Media

Andrea Forde FHEA

Lead Tutor - Costume

Genette Harrison

Lead Tutor - Fundamentals Year

Drew Scott

Lead Tutor - Music Director

Chris Santillán

Lead Tutor - Music Director

Anne Carolynn Wick

Lead Tutor - Singing


Beth Relf

Dance Tutor

Junaid Chaudhary

Scenic Construction Tutor

Aiham Hassan

Specialist Acting Tutor

Phoebe Taiano

Voice Tutor

Clara El Hawa

Acting Tutor

Natalie Relf

Dance Tutor

Liza Balkan

Acting Tutor

Thalia Valtierra

Dance Tutor

Altan Onay Reyman

Stage Management Tutor

Caitlin Marie Rose

Singing Tutor

Diego Biagioni

Sound Tutor

Technical Support

Andreas Ehrenberger

Production Manager

Sibin Babu

General Technician

Jackson Lopez

Video Technician

Sooraj Nair

General Technician

Febin Thomas

Sound Technician

Katherine Liu

Costume Assistant

Rafaqat Ishaque Khan

Assistant Carpenter

Sheila Marie Fassen

Lighting Technician

Vineeth Haridas

General Technician

Rafakat Khan

Carpenter Assistant

Young Performers & BTEC

Lynne Holloway MSC, SFHEA, FRSA

Associate Programme Leader - Head of centre BTEC

Jessica Cotton

Lead Tutor - Young Performers and BTEC