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The BA Acting Programme is dedicated to producing credible, professional actors who are at the forefront of the region’s theatre revolution, while establishing themselves as international contenders for a global, performing arts career in both live and digital media settings. Bringing together an intense, imaginative and collaborative learning environment, students are exposed to a wide variety of industry-leading training techniques, genres and styles.

The four-year, full-time Acting Degree is designed to inspire, challenge and expand performers’ skills and techniques – this also includes training in directing, writing, dramaturgy and producing: we want to build dynamic performers who will take an empowered, authentic and entrepreneurial approach to their careers. The programme offers students the opportunity to explore and rediscover the world of performing arts through interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary teaching and learning.

Step into Acting

The average day comprises of skills-based morning sessions, which include physical, vocal and acting training: here the focus is on developing technique and technical skills. The afternoon sessions focus on project and performance work in theatre, television, film and radio, which affords students the opportunity to put into practice the skills and techniques learnt throughout the morning sessions.

In Year 4, students work with a range of expert, international artists from the fields of live performance, television and film to produce public-facing shows and a major festival of self-produced theatre and short films.

Why study with us?

  • Situated within the 'Cultural Capital' of the Arab World
  • Epicentre of inspiration, creativity and innovation
  • Exclusive masterclasses with international artists
  • Become the next generation of leaders and change-makers of the performing arts world


Here at SPAA, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what college you graduated from, gender, cultural background or religious affiliations. All that matters is how committed you are, how much work you’re willing to put in and how much of yourself you are willing to give to the process. SPAA is in every way a dream come true.


BA Acting


Key Course Information

Start Date: September 2022

Programme Length: 4 years full-time

Contact Hours: 30 hours per week

For all Academy programmes, students must be proficient in English. A minimum standard is required in any of the following:

  • EmSAT which is the national system in the UAE, with a score of 1100 – 1225 or above
  • TOEFL with a score of 500
  • IELTS with a score of 5.5
How to Apply?

To be considered for the BA Acting programme, all candidates must register their details by completeing the following form.

What to Prepare
During the application process you will be required to submit a short video (max. 3 mins) of yourself acting/ performing one (1) monologue from a published play.
We’ve created an easy, step-by-step guide to help you prepare for and present your audition video:
*Please note that ALL monologues must be sourced from a published play or film and must NOT have been written by the auditionee. Applicants must demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the play or film their extract is from.

After registering your details, someone from our Admissions Team will be in contact with further information about your application and on how to submit your video. Should you be successful after sending your audition video, you will be required to attend the next stage of our audition process which is an audition/interview with the Programme Leader.

Optional: You may also send us a 1-minute video of another skill you have; for example: movement, singing or any other relevant skill you would like to share with us.

Programme Modules

Coming soon.

Programme Fees

AED 60,000 per year:

  • AED 5,000 (deposit upon accepting your place here at SPAA)
  • AED 30,000 (due by the first day of each academic year)
  • AED 25,000 (due by the start of February each academic year)
  • Full and Part Scholarships: Eligible full-time, undergraduate students may apply for a SPAA scholarship upon acceptance into their chosen discipline.
Graduate Opportunities

Coming soon.

Let us lead you

Our team consists of some of the very best educators, professionals, directors, choreographers, designers, stage managers and theatre technicians from around the world.