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Lynne Holloway MSC, SFHEA, FRSA

Associate Programme Leader - Head of centre BTEC

Lynne has a rich history of driving educational excellence within the arts, specializing in developing performing arts programs for BTEC students in the MENA region. Over her 22-year journey she has honed her expertise in crafting engaging curricula, fostering student participation, and promoting both classroom and distance learning environments for teachers and their students. Lynne’s academic qualifications include an MSc, PGCE, FRSA, and SFHEA, she has developed global academic practice through postgraduate qualifications, from Liverpool University and Kings College London. Her contributions extend to social progress development, particularly with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where she earned the prestigious SFRSA and FHEA accolades.


In addition to her contributions to the academic and performing arts realms, Lynne has also served as a Director of an Experiential Marketing Events Company with a global reach, specializing in promoting sustainable brands. In this capacity, Lynne led a talented team in creating immersive experiences and marketing events that resonate with consumers, all while championing the values of sustainability and wellness. This multifaceted role allowed her to apply her leadership and creativity to a broader spectrum of the creative arts within the higher educational sector.


Lynne’s extensive experience in the UK encompasses a broad spectrum of leadership roles, with a notable seven-year tenure as a versatile tutor at GSA Conservatoire. Her primary passion lies in creating meaningful opportunities for both teachers and students, aiming to guide them toward prestigious programs within prominent higher education institutions.


Notably, Lynne’s commitment extends beyond borders, as she is devoted to fostering opportunities for higher education students here in the UAE. Her dedication contributes to the expansion of the economy by harnessing the talents and skills of students, emphasizing her focus on generating valuable prospects for their professional growth through community engagement, and her mentorship program – which leads to their professional work.


Lynne founded and owned the Cheshire West School of Ballet, where she nurtured community dance and provided numerous performing opportunities for students across the Northwest of England.


Lynne has graced the stage in various theatrical productions, including ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘Oklahoma,’ (Dream Lori,) ‘Grease,’ ‘The Way to Keep Him,’ performing in renowned venues such as the Criterion Theatre London and the Empire Theatre Liverpool. Lynne had the privilege of participating in significant events, including the Royal British Legion’s Remembrance Festival as a backing dancer and vocalist for Catherine Jenkins at the Royal Albert Hall. Lynne also lent her vocals to various artists and productions, including Candi Staton, K-Klass, (Top of the pops) and Ken Dodd’s residency at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool. As a professional dancer, Lynne contributed her skills to P&O Cruises, the Lewis London Ballet Company, and various pantomimes, including leading roles in ‘Snow White’ and ‘Aladdin ‘ for UK productions. Lynne has taken on choreographic responsibilities for numerous shows and performances, collaborating with esteemed institutions such as GSA Conservatoire, the ECHO Arena Liverpool, St. Helens Theatre Royal, the Everyman, and the Liverpool Empire.


With humility, Lynne expresses deep gratitude for her role as a founding member of the faculty at SPAA. As she embarks on her fifth year, she continues to contribute to the academy’s growth by imparting knowledge to its tutors through HE training, it’s BA students, and Young Performers in the Academy.


Lynne persistently imparts her knowledge of psychology and neuroscience through the artistic expression of movement. Her aim is to contribute to the creative and artistic realms by employing specialized movement as a medium.

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