SPAA is an institution built upon a foundation of passionate people who teach with the utmost quality, empathy and understanding. The standards of education and academia are unmatched, with a holistic learning model that would benefit any production artist or performer wanting to refine their skill set.

BA Production Arts

What I really like about SPAA is the respect for each and every student's artistic and cultural background and the differences between us as students celebrated, so you get to be a very well trained artist still having your own personality and vision.

BA Acting

The wonderful thing about SPAA is that here we study everything that has to do with theatre. I am a Musical Theatre major, but I also take classes in Acting and Production Arts. This is very important for any theatre maker to know everything that has to do with theatre.

BA Musical Theatre

I never realised how far away from home I was until I came to SPAA. This place gives me a sense of belonging, where I can express and explore every artistic “instinct” and turn it into a piece of art. If you are an aspiring artist, SPAA will give you discipline, all the tools you need, and a loving support system to enable your creativity and help you stand out in the domain of performing arts.

Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance

The teacher’s role in a young student’s life goes beyond just education. They are leaders, role models, coaches, advisors and facilitators of positive growth. Since students spend most of their waking hours at the academy, it is up to the teachers to create a positive and inspiring environment where students can do their best work. SPAA fulfils your passion

BA Acting

As a 31 year-old woman, I was very sceptical and terrified to start over. Studying again felt like a huge risk I was taking until I came here, then everything fell into place, started to make sense. SPAA gave me a whole new perspective… Every minute I spend here is of value! The curriculum is like no other. It includes all the aspects that prepare you for the mad working world out there; it’s not only educational but also social, physical and mental. I can say it clear and loud, I’m a proud student, and it’s a privilege to be here among all of our amazing, devoted tutors and talented colleagues.

BA Production Arts

I didn’t know what to expect before arriving at SPAA, but as soon as I arrived, it struck me, what an incredible institute this is! It’s a place that provides world-class tutors who care for nothing more than your progress; it provides a safe space for you to explore, discover, and bring out the potential within you. I am grateful and lucky to have been given the opportunity to grow in this wonderful academy.

BA Musical Theatre