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After the success of our “Winter Creative Arts Workshop,” We have decided to add a creative arts class to our full-time Sunday CYP timetable. This class will be an accumulation of arts n crafts, painting, puppetry, storytelling, and script writing. It will build on creativity, imagination, and arts n crafts skills, including painting, drawing, crafting, and sewing.


Please refer to the timetable.

Class Duration
45 minute sessions


My 8 year old son has been attending drama classes at SPAA for a term now and couldn’t wait for the next term. He enjoys the course and we can see that he has grown in confidence and feels comfortable on stage or speaking up in front of a crowd and I believe the SPAA classes have contributed enormously to this. A welcoming, fun atmosphere and carefully curated sessions all add up to an invaluable experience for children of all ages. Many thanks to you and the SPAA team



Programme Fees

The Academy works on a 10/12-week term; classes are to be paid in advance for the full 10/12 weeks, as we do not offer a “pay-as-you” go option. We fully appreciate your commitment.
Once we have your registration, we will send an invoice for the total amount due.
Fees can be paid online, via BACS or by card at the Academy. All our bank information will be attached to the invoice. 

New students will have a 125 AED registration/administration fee applied to their invoices. 

Please see our class fees below:

  • Creative Arts AED 960 (12 weeks) Limited spaces
Term Dates

Based on 10/12 weeks.

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