Young Performers FAQs

Do I have to pay in full each term?

We do not offer a “pay as you go” facility for the children’s classes; we ask for you to sign up to the term, which secures your child’s place in the class each week. It’s also important for your child to attend regularly, as most classes will follow a syllabus and/or structure where new techniques are learnt.

We have a set capacity for all classes which we need to ensure is accurate. Limiting the number of students in each class means we are complying with our policies and procedures.

Why aren't parents allowed in the room to watch?

All teachers are experienced and will help support and encourage your child to quickly settle into class. We encourage student’s independence, this in turn enables your child to build relationships with fellow students and their teachers. When parents are present in the studio, student attention and performance will naturally differ to when it is just the teacher present, therefore the lesson outcomes are not easily achieved.

There will be an opportunity at the end of select terms when you will be invited into the class to watch what the students have been learning throughout the term.

Does my child need prior experience?

Not at all. Every child deserves the opportunity to try a new skill and grow within the performing arts here at SPAA.

How do I decide which class is right for me or my child?

We offer a selection of Dance and Performance classes to cater for all ages and abilities. We offer trial classes and afterwards our teachers will be happy to give you feedback, which will ensure we find a suitable class for you and/or your child. We suggest initially trying a few different classes so you and/or your child can find what dance class is best for you.

Your first trial class is free of charge.

Should my child take multiple classes a week?

YES! Like all new activities the more frequently you do them the quicker you see results. Although it’s not mandatory, we highly recommend multiple classes, which also helps in developing life skills and confidence!

How do I know if they are progressing?

Our terms are set up so you can see your children in different situations, and receive regular feedback regarding their progress.

Term 1 – at the end of the term you will be invited to come and see some of the work they have been focusing on in the classroom.

Term 2 – at the end of term you will get a written report from each class your child is attending.

Term 3 – at the end of term you will be invited to a performing arts showcase in our theatre here at the Academy. The children will get to experience the wonderful feeling of being on stage!

All one-to-one classes will get written feedback at the end of each term.

The tutors are busy during class times; how can I communicate with them?

If you want to speak with your child’s teacher, we appreciate sometimes it will be difficult as their classes usually run back to back. If our reception staff cannot assist you, please send an email to

We will endeavour to respond to your query in a timely manner either via email or phone.

Can my child take examinations?


From the age of 7, children can participate in examination classes with the following highly prestigious boards:

ISTD – Dance examinations in Tap, Jazz and Ballet

LAMDA – Acting solo or group examinations

LCM – Singing / Musical Theatre examinations

If my child wants to quit half way through a term can I get a refund?

Term fees are non-refundable.

How do I submit concerns, complaints, testimonials and so on?

You can do so by emailing and your email will be directed to the appropriate people.