Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Theatre and Live Performance Creation

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Embark on a transformative journey at Sharjah Performing Arts Academy, where creativity meets excellence in the Master of Fine Arts in Theatre and Live Performance Creation. Tailor your experience with concentrations in Set and Costume Design, Directing, and Producing, and unlock the door to your artistic future.

Our programme is meticulously designed to meet national accreditation and international benchmarks, offering a unique blend of academic rigour and hands-on studio-based practice. Over six intensive terms spanning two academic years, immerse yourself in a dynamic curriculum that fosters the development of a substantial portfolio and invaluable industry experience.

At SPAA, we prioritise excellence, ensuring small cohorts for personalised attention. Engage in theory-based exams and assignments, complemented by practical-creative assessments like studio productions and active involvement in production development. Showcase your skills through degree requirements that include a comprehensive exam, a thesis production project, a written thesis, and an oral examination across the concentrations.

Fuel your commitment to artistic and leadership development in an environment that values excellence. Join us for an intensive two-year MFA programme, where your passion for theatre and live performance will flourish. Define your artistic path, embrace excellence, and let your creativity shine at Sharjah Performing Arts Academy!

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Step into our MFA

Creativity meets career readiness during your transformative two year journey in our postgraduate programme. In Year One, immerse yourself in a dynamic core curriculum, fostering collaboration across concentrations. Engage in graduate research seminars, collaborate within our vibrant MFA cohort, and join forces with undergraduates on internal projects. Elevate your employability with specialised arts leadership training. Explore unique MFA streams by attending and observing undergraduate classes.

Year Two propels you into professional practices and entrepreneurial training, equipping you to launch your own cultural and creative industry enterprise. Dive into internal productions, elevating your artistic practice, skills, and industry knowledge. Demonstrate your prowess in a comprehensive exam, a pivotal step towards your degree. Lead a team during the thesis production project, craft an engaging thesis, culminating in its presentation during an oral examination, and emerge as a seasoned MFA in Theatre and Live Performance Creation, ready to make your mark in the industry. Elevate your passion to profession—ignite your future with us!

Why study with us?

  • Situated within the 'Cultural Capital' of the Arab World
  • Epicentre of inspiration, creativity and innovation
  • Exclusive masterclasses with international artists
  • Become the next generation of leaders and change-makers of the performing arts world


Here at SPAA, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what college you graduated from, gender, cultural background or religious affiliations. All that matters is how committed you are, how much work you’re willing to put in and how much of yourself you are willing to give to the process. SPAA is in every way a dream come true.


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Let us lead you

Our team consists of some of the very best educators, professionals, directors, choreographers, designers, stage managers and theatre technicians from around the world.