Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance

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The Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance is a comprehensive, diverse, and industry-reactive programme that prepares the individual for a sustainable career in the evolving international dance profession through training in technical and artistic dance skills.
Technical training focuses on Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz and Commercial dance as the core disciplines to create strong, versatile, diverse dance artists, with supporting skills in Pilates and aerial to underpin the core disciplines whilst broadening performance and employment opportunities within the wider dance industry.

Artistic training includes a strong focus on choreography and dance composition which is explored through a range of techniques. Our position in the MENA region gives us access to world talent both for students and practitioners, and the diverse and dynamic market in the UAE specifically offers immediate access to varied employment exposure and rich collaborations, which are explored and employed on a regular basis. The UAE is a rapidly evolving market for the arts and Dance is at the forefront of this development. We are strategically placed to capitalise at this exciting time for performing arts in the region.
SPAA Dance Diploma students will be creative, technical, and powerful dance artists who will lead the way as a new generation of professionally trained dancers, shaping the dance industry here in the UAE, the wider MENA region and beyond.

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SPAA Dance Diploma students are encouraged to develop their individuality and identity as a dance artist throughout the Programme, which is highlighted through their choreographic voice. Solos, duets and group pieces are developed in various dance genres using a range of stimuli from personal interest and inspirations through to our local cultural resources here in Sharjah and across the UAE.

Various performance opportunities are offered across the three years in a range of scale and design. From intimate studio-based sharings and location-based performances to full-scale dance productions in our world class, fully equipped theatre, performance is the driving force in the Programme that brings life to the technical and artistic training. An increased focus is also placed on multi-media production including exploration of dance for film and producing movement for camera by utilising our incredible media facilities here at the Academy. Additional employability skills create opportunity and longevity with the profession. Studies will include anatomy, nutrition, dance critique, creating showreels, social media presence, agencies and representation, mental and emotional wellbeing, physical and anatomical wellbeing, practitioner study, self-reflection and peer to peer critique and support.

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  • Situated within the 'Cultural Capital' of the Arab World
  • Epicentre of inspiration, creativity and innovation
  • Exclusive masterclasses with international artists
  • Become the next generation of leaders and change-makers of the performing arts world


I never realised how far away from home I was until I came to SPAA. This place gives me a sense of belonging, where I can express and explore every artistic “instinct” and turn it into a piece of art. If you are an aspiring artist, SPAA will give you discipline, all the tools you need, and a loving support system to enable your creativity and help you stand out in the domain of performing arts.

Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance


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