Musical Theatre

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Musical Theatre tells a story through more than one discipline. This is a class where acting, singing and dance are brought together. The class is all about exploration, creativity and building the trust needed to work as part of a team to bring a piece of musical theatre to life.

Group Musical Theatre

Sing, dance and act your way into our fantastic musical theatre class. Young performers will gain knowledge in exploring a variety of musical theatre repertoire, and experience the three core disciplines in singing, dancing and acting. Musical theatre classes encourage our students to become well-rounded performers and individuals. In these classes, our expert staff teach multiple skills in overall performance, confidence and style.


Please refer to the timetable.

Class Duration
45 minute sessions


What a difference a teacher can make. My 5 year old daughter was extremely shy, but has slowly started finding her own voice and shining light through her musical theatre classes at SPAA.



Programme Fees

The Academy works on a 10/12-week term; classes are to be paid in advance for the full 10/12 weeks, as we do not offer a “pay-as-you” go option. We fully appreciate your commitment.
Once we have your registration, we will send an invoice for the total amount due.
Fees can be paid online, via BACS or by card at the Academy. All our bank information will be attached to the invoice. 

New students will have a 125 AED registration/administration fee applied to their invoices. 

Please see our class fees below:

  • Saturday Group Musical Theatre
    AED 700 / AED 840 per term (based on 10/12 weeks)
Term Dates

Based on 10/12 weeks.

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