Sharjah Performing Arts Academy hosted their Annual Costume Gala Night – Under the Dome, themed “East Meets West”

United Arab Emirates, Sharjah – 25th May 2023:  Sharjah Performing Arts Academy proudly presented its highly-anticipated Annual Costume Gala Night, ‘Under the Dome’, which was an exclusive, invite-only event that showcased the exceptional talent of the academy’s students. The event took place on Thursday, 18th May at 7.30 PM, and guests pulled out all the stops, dressing to impress in black and white as they stepped onto the grand red carpet for a night of glamour and sophistication. 


This year’s theme was “East Meets West,” and the talented students showcased their stunning collections celebrating cultures from all over the world and the point at which they can collide and merge in the performing arts. One of the segments, “The Regency” was inspired by the regal trends seen across TV at the moment, Bridgerton in particular was a point of inspiration as this theme was introduced to students by a team member who worked on the famed TV show themselves. “Dune” was another theme, and students stunned the audience with their magnificent display of costumes inspired by the movie. “Arabic Superheroes” saw students creating personalities and costumes as superheroes from their native countries based on their heritage, cultures and customs. and “The Royal Wedding” was inspired by the Queen herself, where the audience was transported to a regal world of creativity and innovation. 


The students had put in countless hours to create exceptional designs that reflect their unique design aesthetics and cultural backgrounds. The runway, which was constructed bespoke for this event only, featured exceptional fashion, accompanied by electrifying music and dance routines that left the audience captivated. Everything, from the design to the modelling, and the performance, was created and executed by the talented students, giving guests a glimpse of the amazing work produced at the Academy. 


The event was an example of both the brilliant talent which is honed and nurtured at the academy, as well as the creativity and inspiration which is passed onto the students through the academy’s skilled faculty and dedicated programmes.  


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