Sharjah Performing Arts Academy Launches New Schools Visit Framework to Promote the Performing and Production Arts

Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA) is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Schools Visit Framework, aimed at supporting local schools in promoting the performing and production arts among students. The Academy has developed a comprehensive structure to guide schools and educational institutions interested in planning excursions for their various school groups, including Performing and Production Art students, secondary students exploring different career paths, as well as children and young performer preparing for school productions. 


The Schools Visit Framework offers a range of workshop opportunities, including Acting, Musical Theatre, Production Arts, Professional Dance and Creative and Performing Arts, more suited for primary school years. Each visit is structured to include an Academy tour, one 30-45 minute workshop, Q&A sessions with faculty, admissions, and current students, as well as the option to stay for a free atmospheric lunch at SPAA, where all the SPAA students are out of classes, taking a break, rehearsing and are able to immerse  visiting students into the SPAA Student life and culture. 


“We’re excited to offer this Schools Visit Framework to local schools and provide more support in promoting the performing and production arts to students in the UAE,” said Jacqui George, Deputy Director for SPAA. “The launch has been met with overwhelming interest, and speaks to the importance of nurturing the creativity and passion of the next generation of creatives and artists. We at SPAA are committed to providing them with the tools and resources to succeed.” 


The visit timings are from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, allowing enough time for school buses to return to their respective schools. The time slot includes an immersive tour of the Academy, one practical workshop of the school’s choice, and Q&A sessions with SPAA faculty and students. However, schools wanting two workshops can extend the time at either end to accommodate their needs. 


SPAA can accommodate from 10–20 students per visit, depending on which programme they wish to workshop in. The Academy provides onsite lunch every day for all of its students and offers the option for visiting students to join SPAA’s daily lunch during their Q&A session with SPAA students. 


For more information about Sharjah Performing Arts Academy and the Schools Visit Frameworks please email  

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