Evan Kutcher

Scenic Construction Tutor

Evan holds a BFA in Drama, Production and Design from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, USA. 

Having grown up around carpentry and construction sites his whole life, Evan found a love of the theatre and building the worlds on stage that productions inhabit. This background and his training at NYU lead Evan to a rewarding career spanning many posts in the heart of the NYC live events industry, and theatre on and off Broadway. Evan’s experiences include being the Head of Carpentry and Rigging at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Lead Project Manager at Scenicorp, and the Founder of ShopDog Studios Fabrication. 

Evan is excited to join SPAA and get back to his roots of theatre construction, the smell of freshly cut timber, and the adventure of teaching.

In his free time, Evan can be found surrounded by dogs and listening to as much music as possible.