Laurie Tomé in SPAA

SPAA production arts programme provides the students with all the skills that they need to thrive in the theatre industry, giving them the opportunity to work on different productions and deliver to them all the knowledge that they will need in their future so they can work backstage or as part of a creative team.

and since theatre requires imagination, enthusiasm and invention our Production Arts – Design students were treated to an inspiring week of Scenic Art masterclasses, taught by the one and only Laurie Tomé, all the way from Ontario, Canada! Crafting 3D marble, statues, walls and more were just a few of the skills SPAA students learnt this week.

Laurie Tomé is a professional Scenic Artist who has worked in theatre for over 25 years.

and it was amazing to see how this workshop encouraged self-expression and creativity and built confidence as well as a sense of individual identity to our students.

SPAA will always welcome the professionals to give our students master classes and workshops to help them grow and experience different skills from all over the world.

We cannot thank her enough for giving our students such a unique opportunity!