Frantic Assembly back at SPAA

Frantic Assembly, the world-renowned theatre production company, made a memorable visit to SPAA during the last term, leaving an indelible mark on our BA Acting Students. This unique opportunity allowed our students to collaborate with members of the Frantic Assembly, engaging in a transformative journey of development, learning, and creativity. The culmination of their efforts was showcased in an impressive display of their work.

During Frantic Assembly’s stay at SPAA, we allowed teachers and practitioners across the UAE to participate in a one-day intensive workshop. The workshop offered a rare chance to delve into the bespoke techniques, exercises, and skills unique to Frantic Assembly’s renowned approach. We express our gratitude to all those who attended, contributing to the success of this exceptional experience.

The workshop provided a platform for participants to explore various techniques, gaining valuable insights from the expertise of the Frantic Assembly. We extend our thanks to everyone at Frantic Assembly for their hard work and dedication in making this experience enriching and impactful.

The journey of theatre-making and skill-building reached its zenith with a showcase performed by our SPAA 3rd Year Acting Students. The shots from this showcase capture moments of creativity, collaboration, and the application of newfound skills. Thanks to Frantic Assembly’s involvement, our students could showcase their talents and continue building their expertise in theatre.

If you aspire to be part of such incredible opportunities, join us now at SPAA! Visit to explore the possibilities and become part of a community that opens doors to unique experiences in the performing arts world.

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