DJ masterclass in Sharjah Performing Arts Academy!

Earlier this month, students at Sharjah Performing Arts Academy were treated to an exciting and dynamic DJ Masterclass led by three of the best in the industry – DJ Rob Swift, DJ Head, and DJ Invisible.

The interactive workshop, organized by the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi, was an exclusive opportunity for SPAA students to learn from three world-class DJs and producers from the USA. The session covered a range of topics related to DJing and producing, including beatmatching, and live performance techniques.

The three DJs brought their unique perspectives and experiences to the workshop, sharing their passion for the craft and offering valuable insights into the music industry. The students were able to ask questions and engage in discussions with the DJs, as well as practice their own skills under their guidance.

The highlight of the workshop was that the three DJs shared their experiences and offered advice to the students on how to succeed in the industry.

Overall, the DJ Masterclass was a fantastic opportunity for the SPAA students to learn from some of the best in the industry, and to gain valuable insights into the world of DJing and producing. The academy is dedicated to providing its students with the best possible education and opportunities, and the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the three DJs helped to make this possible.

SPAA would like to thank the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi for organizing the event, and DJ Rob Swift, DJ Head, and DJ Invisible for sharing their passion and experience with the students.

The academy is grateful for the unforgettable memories created during the workshop and is committed to continuing to provide its students with unique and valuable learning experiences.