SPAA BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts

BTEC Level 2 courses provide secondary school-aged students (14 – 16 years) an introduction and insight into the career of their chosen profession. 


SPAA BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts

BTEC Level 2 courses provide secondary school-aged students (14 – 16 years) an introduction and insight into the career of their chosen profession. 

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Programme Overview

The BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts is designed to give young performers a broad overview of some of the career areas in different sectors of the performing arts. The course is very practical and aims to help build confidence and resilience as well as performance skills and talent. Success on this course helps build a foundation for a successful career in the performing arts industry and a platform to move on to a higher level of arts education.

The Pearson BTEC International Level 2 Certificate in Performing Arts has been developed to:

  • Allow students to progress to Level 3 vocational qualifications

  • Provide education and training for students in the performing arts

  • Allow students to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life

  • Give students the chance to gain two additional IGCSE qualifications

On this course, students will explore topics on acting, dancing, creating and preparing performance material, voice and movement skills. Students will begin to learn audition skills and perform two audition pieces in a preferred style. The performing arts industry is also studied allowing students to investigate a range of job roles, theatrical spaces and how performances are produced. Numerous performance opportunities are provided throughout the year in the form of showcases.

Enrichment opportunities for students include Musical Theatre and Dance, which are run by highly qualified subject specialists. From here, progression on to the two-year, Level 3 BTEC in Performing Arts course can be pursued.

What will I study?

The Level 2 Performing Arts is a short course and focuses on two main general areas of the performing arts: The Development of Drama and Professional Development.

This qualification is designed to introduce students to drama, dance and performing arts in a broad context to enhance skill base. You will learn in a practical environment and will be taught by highly qualified industry professionals.

Your classes will take place in our on-site theatre and dance studios, surrounded by a community of creative and supportive staff and students. The presence of full-time, degree students also raises the level of recorded work seen by students during their time at the Academy. This also gives our younger performance students a glimpse of higher education in the performing arts.

We believe it is essential to support young performers so that they can pursue a successful and ongoing future in the performing arts. You will develop your confidence and public speaking skills, and work on improving your overall study skills and techniques, with literacy, numeracy, and technical dance and drama language embedded into the curriculum.

You will receive group and individual tutorial support to keep you on track. If needed, additional individually tailored learning support can also be made available.

How will I study?

The BTEC course is offered after school during the week and Saturdays. Teaching will be in small classes so that focused attention can be delivered to students’ individual needs.

Teaching and assessment will be through practical activities so that students reach their full potential, mentally and physically.

Eligibility and Admissions Criteria

If you are aged between 14-16 you are eligible for this course.

Please visit https://ams.spaa.ae to register and fill in your application.

* There is no fee to register or apply for the BTEC course.


After your application has been received, AED 600 deposit will be requested via email. This will be deducted from the first term fee. This fee will be non-refundable but can be held for 1 year.

There is no assessment or audition process to apply for SPAA’s BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts.

If the course is full and there are no places available, we will create a waiting list and review our applications and available spaces on a regular basis.

Applicants will receive an offer letter with terms of acceptance by email and all necessary paperwork. To fully secure your place a further AED 2,400/- is required for the first term fees. This is payable before the first day of term.

A payment plan can be adopted if needed, please contact BTEC@spaa.ae for more information regarding this.

By application you are declaring that ALL information provided by yourself is correct. Application and tuition fees are non-refundable.

Admission is at the discretion of Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA).


Any queries, please email BTEC@spaa.ae


Contact Hours

2 x classes per week (Thursdays and Saturdays)

Programme Fees

Total – AED 6,000

  • Deposit – AED 600
  • Term 1 – AED 2,400
  • Term 2 – AED 3,000

* This covers 150 NLH (Notional Learning Hours)

Programme Length

Commencing January 2021 - 150 NLH (Notional Learning Hours)

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